DigiDyco specializes in the development of pragmatic digital applications for the clinical research sector.
Arco Information empowers DigiDyco in delivering these document and process driven e-solutions.

Anne Dirix, an experienced clinical research professional, is actually the owner of DigiDyco. During more than 30 years she gathered practical experience in the life science sector, resulting in:
 “Life Science e-solutions by research professionals for research professionals”

Anne Dirix,

During my career, I have been working mainly within the pharmaceutical sector and more specifically in clinical research. First I developed a broad experience as CRA. Later I became clinical operation manager at Astellas, where I contributed to increasing performance in clinical operations. When I became aware of the growing complexity, I realized  the pharmaceutical industry would benefit from simplified processes. This led me to a new professional challenge: designing practical and easy-to-use platforms for Life Sciences.”

By research professionals *** For research professionals