Dyco Vision,

Is a global interactive electronic Trial Master File with integration of the external investigator files.

Dyco Vision is a validated document management application to support the document collection in clinical research. With this eTMF DigiDyco wants to cooperate to the global uniformization within clinical research. 

Central focus during the creation was the simple and efficient design.

Thanks to the field experience of its creators, Dyco Vision offers a built-in answer to the daily inconveniences by following integrated solutions:

  • Filing structure based on DIA reference model (global recommendation)
  • Editing tool for document creation on sponsor level
  • Remote and risk-based monitoring (integration of investigator filing)
  • Unique classification system, thanks to its simplicity
  • User friendly (repetitive actions)
  • Manager oversight
  • Audit trail & excelreporting tool
  • Integrated e-signature
  • Visual quality control by means of visual status
  • audit trail

“We are convinced Dyco Vision is an easy and efficient system and consequently allows you to save considerable time during the conduct of your study, from start-up till archiving.”

By research professionals *** For research professionals