DigiDyco offers reliable ICT-Solutions



  • The applications of DigiDyco are running on the servers of Thin Factory (www.thinfactory.com).
  • Thin Factory is operating[CH1] 24x24 hours a day / 7x7 days a week
  • Documents and data are stored in two data centres, in 2 separate locations, both in Belgium.  The platform will always reside in the European Union.
  • Within each data centre all critical elements are foreseen in double or triple:  internet access, firewall, internal network, cooling, anti-fire, …

Validation and audit

  • Software development follows a strict development lifecycle, with all changes tracked, documented and audited in a complete change control system.
  • The software goes through extensive QA and validation procedures to ensure the proper and intended functioning in all circumstances.


  • Access to system data (except customer access) is limited to qualified personnel defined by Arco
  • Arco personnel is committed to confidentiality



  • Maximum system level security is applied on infrastructure level
  • Arco Doma software has extended security capabilities and has been audited by Gremwell (www.Gremwell.com)
  • All Doma document management and workflow activities are audited
  • Minimum availability is 99 % measured on a yearly basis. 
  • High availability: fully duplicated environment in a second data centre


  • Active monitoring of environment and application software
  • All significant Doma errors (blocking, non-blocking) are monitored by a central Arco Helpdesk, allowing for prompt action
  • Blocking errors are fixed with top priority


  • Dedicated and specialised Arco support team for global and application level support: committed availability is minimum Monday to Friday, during working days, from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Tickets can be entered in ticketing system 24x24 hours a day / 7x7 days a week


  • All software is running on current and supported versions of Microsoft
  • The DigiDyco applications are based on a 20 years' solid and updated Arco Doma Software.


  • Back-up procedures are optimised to avoid any loss of data
  • All document management, workflow and input/output operations are audited in central databases

Export of data

  • At the end of the service period, the customer can obtain export of data and documents
  • Costs will be limited to the professional services time of the engineers

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